Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.11.11 at 11:11

What time is it?


Gosh, I’m not sure, let me check with Robert…

hey Roberto…what time is it?

when I didn’t hear a response, I peeked into the living room and what did I see???





now this is just TOO much…

ONE laptop for Facebook

ONE laptop for a football game

ONE big screen TV for who knows

good grief!

charlie brown

I thought this was supposed to be a “simple” life…

‘nough said~

I don’t know if there’s any real significance to the numerals today

nothing weird happened, no “ah-ha” moments, no lottery winnings…

guess I’ll have to wait for 11:11 on 11.11.11

Did anything weird happen to you today on 1.11.11?


I did find an interesting community close to our campground

note the suspended bike

wacky house4  wacky house3-1 

super creative imaginations or smokin’ something wacky

but wait pawdner…

I DID find something


just around the corner

cue the music

Hark, I hear angelic voices …♪♪♪Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh♪♪♪

cue the lights

spotlight trader joes

this is puttin’ me in my happy place

for the next four weeks!


Blessings Y’all!

Welcome New Followers!

sorry I preciously missed you











Sue and Doug said...

love the photo of all the 'gadgets' you have on board..not quite 1/11 at 11:11 pm here yet!..so can't answer your question!

Wayne and Maureen said...

you guys are creative!! I should of thought of the clock hitting 11:11 on 1/11/11...:>)

Dennis and Donna said...

We seem to have too many gadgets when RVing, too..laptop, desktop, printer, router, gps, smart phone, webcam, speakers, HD TV, 2 receivers, weather radio....So much for the "simple life"...

NanaNor's said...

Greetings friends, Got to love technology-can't live without it, what ever did we do before?
O.k. I'm so green, we miss TJ terribly-wish we had it here in Co. and I don't think there is much to get when we are back in Ca. for a weekend-we're flying so that kind of ends it unless we mail stuff home. Hummmm.
Enjoy the Ca. warmth. The one photo looked like Bodega Bay?
Hugs, Noreen

Judy and Emma said...

What's Trader Joe's??

Kathy and Robert said...

Judy, Trader Joe's is a specialty grocery store with an old-timey feel, offering many products in their own private label, health foods, environment friendly items, etc. The workers wear Hawaiian shirts and they ring a bell for assistance instead of using an intercom...You've just got to visit one...I think you'd like it!

John and Ellen said...

I like your photos of the neighborhood. They make me want to enlarge them to see what is there.


Southern Lady said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! I appreciate your kind comments. I came over to see you and love your blog. I think I'll follow! You are so lucky to be that close to Trader Joes. The closest one to me is an hour away. I just love that store!! Carla

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

SHAME ON YOU KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are now on my $hit list for what you said about me on Judy's blog. I do not take pictures of HUMAN feces. Capish?!?! :) Animal poop is fair game! HA!

Now, I'm off to lick my wounds. I am DEEPLY hurt. hehe!

Kathy and Robert said...

We don't really know from what source the deposit came...Could have been Bigfoot or some other creepy creature~

Nellie-Poo, I aint skeerd, you'ol picture-of-poo-taker!:O LOL

Stay posted for a picture I took just for you ;O


Luci & Loree said...

Oh, my goodness...would not like those people living next door to me!!! a slide out the window??

Erik's RV Blog said...

If you saw the gadgets I have around, surrounded by 2 monster PC's with 4 27" monitors, 2 laptops and an iPhone and an iPad.

When I down size it's going to be BIG TIME!!

Ronda said...

LOL!!! There is just way too much to comment on here....but the picture of ur husband with the laptops and tv just cracked me up. Might as well have been my husband sitting there. He runs IT networks plus has a home network in the basement. You go downstairs and he has screens surrounding him including one or two tv screens going at once. Oh, don't wanna forget about the ham radio and even at times...a radio. All at the same time. I don't have a degree in anything but I have diagnosed him with severe ADHD. He cannot keep his mind on one thing at a time...he has to have several things going on at once. My brain would explode but for him, this is normal.