Saturday, February 12, 2011

dOwN cOmFoRtEr cOcOoN

I wish to thank all the GEESE that gave their DOWN for our comforter…


It saved us from F R E E Z I N G  last night.

You see, we thought BOONDOCKING sounded like fun since we’ve read about many of our Blogger Buddies that do it. So we thought, “Well,WE have a generator too so we’ll try it!”  It worked beautifully the first couple of nights in CA and AZ but the temperature in  Moriarty, NM dropped to a frigid 17°! (That’s not what my Weather.com app forecasted…)The generator simply would not continue to run :(  and we’re not convinced that we really know why it wouldn’t other than the temps…So, after working with it for about an hour, we had a choice to make.

Either drive on after having driven 12 hours already or do what the ESKIMOS do…

no silly, not this…


make a COCOON out of our blankets, sheets,

and our down comforter and tough it out

Sorry I was inside this cocoon so no picture is available.

It worked and we survived!

Tonight we are tucked into a soggy (melting snow) KOA in Oklahoma but the lights are on and it’s warm and toasty in our little home. After a WARM nights rest, we’ll finish the last leg of this trip tomorrow, landing in Paducah, Kentucky. There we’ll gather the rest of our necessities and visit with my parents for a couple of days. Then we’ll head to Missouri to see Robert’s son and change our driver’s licenses before heading to Tulsa for Robert’s next job.

What crazy experiences we’ve had in our first couple of months as full-timers! From making friends with delightful neighbors, learning valuable investment lessons, seeing photos from travel brochures come alive, driving along the cliffs above the ocean, delighting in the warm California sunshine and whispering with Redwoods to replacing a frig door, repairing a leaky slide, almost leaving a park with the TV antenna up, surviving a 17° sleepover, and recovering from $4.45/gal diesel! yikes!  

But the most important part is that we’re experiencing these things together


even with the little setbacks, we wouldn’t change a thing…

aside from winning the lottery maybe… 


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Lady Dyna Ryder


Blessings Y’all

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

♪♫ Climb Every Mountain ♪♫

Yesterday, we hiked the narrow, rocky trail to the Fire Observation Tower at the top of Mt. Tamalpais inMarin County for the panoramic views the locals raved about. They were right! We could see our campground red arrow  which is across  from San Quentin Prison blue arrow and just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge.  What breath-taking views! We’re really enjoyed exploring this area but tomorrow we begin our trek to the Midwest to gather the rest of our belongings before heading to Robert’s next job in Tulsa, OK. What a change in weather we are about to experience!  We’re really going to miss the Spring-like weather here in California, not to mention the wonderful friends ~Judy and Darryl~ we’ve made here.  



As warm as it’s been the trees and flowers believe it’s Spring.


Onward we go, to yet another adventure.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BellaBoo and DixieDoodle

As the saying goes, “A dog is man’s best friend.” I believe this since my little BellaBoo is my companion.  

She’s the one who snuggles with me, walks by my side, begs for morsels, and even licks tears from my face. when robert isn’t around  She’s always ready to run, play chase, fetch her narled up chicken toy, and lay on her back while I rub her tummy. She’s such a lovey little joy!

Bella’s first home was with Danielle in Tampa. She loved the beach and almost blended into the sugar white sand.  


    I brought her home to Missouri where she shared our home with Dixie, our lovable mini dachshund. They were great buddies! When we made the decision to travel full-time we knew we’d need to find a wonderful home for our little Doodle since she would need to be able to run and play. She is now in a loving home with Bill whose dog died after 17 years of companionship so he needed a new best friend. Dixie instantly bonded with him. I’ll never forget the big tears running down his face when Dixie jumped into his arms the first time they met. It was a perfect match. ♥


We really miss her~

I’ve had lots of “best friends” thru the years, from beagles to a St. Bernard. They all brought me joy in one way or another. Even though this companionship includes bath-time and poopie-pick-up, it’s worth it. Nothing compares with the tail-wagging excitement Bella shows when she sees me~


Do you have a “best friend?”

What’s your fondest memory of your tail-wagging companion? 







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