Friday, August 27, 2010

Lady Bugs. Flag Man, Mall Walker

For those of you who take those fabulous photos, I want you to know that I aspire to be like you.  So, I messed around with my macro setting on my little camera today trying to take some impressive shots and look at what I captured! I’m not even sure what these ladybugs are doing but I found it fascinating. I sure hope I haven’t posted something offensive… 
As I mentioned in a previous post my parents have a morning routine which includes a drive to the river then to Noble Park to feed the squirrels. We hadn’t seen the little critters for a few days and thought they would surely be watching for us. Mom threw out a few peanuts…no squirrels. Dad did his famous squirrel call (takes one to know one), no squirrels. Then finally, out of nowhere…here they came.
What? What ‘s this?
Much to our surprise, those squirrels were wearing disguises! Crazy squirrels…
They didn’t fool us for one minute!
Fascinating huh! (please grin here)
On our way home, we pass a gas station. No big deal right? Well this one is different since it has a man who sits out front everyday waving an American flag.  He’s been doing this for many years and has been featured in the local paper. I couldn’t find that article but thought you might enjoy the picture anyway.  He says he waves his flag all day, everyday because he loves his country. 
Waver of the Grand ‘Ol Flag
That just warms my heart ~
just when you thought you had seen it all….
yes, indeed…
my father is now back to his daily walk at the mall!
Here’s the proof!
Unbelievable! Only 17 days after surgery!
I leave you with this mouth-watering treat.
My Aunt Ann’s famous coconut cream pie!
Can anyone say YUMALICIOUS!
~ya, ya, I know, another 45 minute workout~
Blessings Y’all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Accomplishment, Dad Update

Congratulations to Danielle! 
She received an Associate in Arts degree from
St. Petersburg College! 
We are so proud of her!
She’s worked really hard while
working a full-time job
taking care of a full-time KITTY! 
Hooray for Dani!100_0748
We’ll be celebrating as soon as we get to Tampa!
Cheesecake Factory,
Dad’s recovery is going very well. He’s had a couple of tough days but has worked so hard at staying strong and following the doctor’s orders.  He walks several times daily using a walker or cane, sometimes neither.  He sits in a straight chair for meals and occasional email checks. (He loves his laptop…who doesn’t!) 
We’re glad he is able to get up and down without any help.  Mom and I both have really strong biceps now! Mom’s been helping him with his clothes and waiting on him “hand and foot.” We’ve been mowing, weeding, mulching, gathering produce from the garden and taking care of the gazillions of flowers. Our chores also include feeding 20+ hummingbirds, and the mix of finches, cardinals, doves, bluebirds, orioles,and wrens.  Yes, we’re pooped…but extremely grateful that he has come thru this so well considering all he had done. 
We’re looking forward to the day he can begin driving and gardening again. He misses his daily drive to the river and to the park to feed his pet squirrels. He even has a pet woodpecker (“Woody”) that swoops down and swipes the squirrels peanuts. He gets a big kick out of watching him. Besides, we miss him taking us all out to LUNCH!
Thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
Doing what he does best, FISHING!
Blessings Y’all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tampa bound, Jerky and The Pond

~~My daughter flew home to Tampa today~~


She’s my treasure.

She’s my best friend.

She tells me the truth.

She’s brilliant.

She’s beautiful.

Our visit was wonderful, just too short. Mom and Dad loved having

her around. She made us laugh and filled our tummies with some

delicious home cookin’.           (did I mention that she’s fabulous cook?)   Picture7


 See previous post

  for her smiling face.






~~Venison Jerky~~

(can I get a ewwwwwwww?)

Deer hunting is a big part of my family’s life. (sorry if this is offensive to you)

The men hunt, the women cook from recipes handed down thru the ages.

Really? (ages?) 

*smothered venison steak, venison chili, venison burgers, roast venison, etc.*

One recipe is TOP SECRET, shared with a select few.

Supposedly, it’s the best venison jerky recipe the world has ever known.

(oh brother)

Dad and Danielle decided to stink up the place by concocting a batch.



IMG_5353 100_0607 

IMG_5372 IMG_5401

They were quite proud of their masterpiece!

yes, she did approve these pics…



Pond Fishing

Another family favorite is fishing. 100_0685

(We ARE a very exciting family!)

My cousin’s family has beautiful property surrounding a huge ‘pond’ stocked with fish.

We love spending time there watching for deer and eagles, fishing for bass and crappie.





Although the fish weren’t biting that day it was still great to be there. 

100_0663   100_0670

                            The dock                                                     Mom and Dad strolling


                      NOT the big catch of the day

Dani caught a nice bass but it flopped off the boat before I could get a picture!

    100_0700 100_0702

                    Afternoon cruise                                                      Captain Sammy


                          Eagle’s Nest                                  Crappie usually bite under the dock

           We love this place and are so grateful for the tranquility it offers.

                                              (Not to mention the yummy fish!)

Blessings Y’all,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous Family, Flying Solo, Cashew Chicken, & Barefoot Rider


~~Fabulous Family~~


Nothing helps a person heal faster than love and support from family. Dad’s had lots of family visitors  during the past few days including my daughter Danielle, my brother Gary, my aunts Mimi, Ann and Juanita, uncles Dick and George, and cousins Pam, Jackie, and Kevin.

Here are just a few…

100_0570 100_0571

Pam and Jim                                             Mimi and Ann

100_0575     IMG_5266

Jackie and Danielle                                           Kevin          

 100_0595 IMG_5332

Dad, Mom, Me and Gary                          Gary and Me               

 IMG_5303 100_0586

          Mom’s famous Crappie                        Dad’s First Outing                       

 IMG_5328 IMG_5313

Gary Grill Meister                                          Porch Relaxation

  IMG_5336 IMG_5196  

My daughter, Danielle and my brother,Gary     George and Juanita           

IMG_5242Uncle Dick

I’m so blessed with this fabulous (crazy) family! 



~~First SOLO~~

My son, Josh completed his first SOLO flight today!

45428_426767816695_632531695_5651246_425730_n 45428_426767821695_632531695_5651247_4886409_n

He flew SOLO in his third week of flight school at ATP in Texas! We’re so proud of him!



~~Cashew Chicken craving~~

We made Cashew Chicken today!

Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, Cashew Chicken was a dish we ate at least once a week.  It’s become something that Springfield is now famous for.

David Leong created this recipe in 1963 and soon opened his own restaurant, Leong’s Tea House. (now closed) His recipe included a combination of fried chicken chunks covered with Chinese oyster sauce mix, a handful of cashews and chopped green onions served with white rice. 

While there are many recipes online, none can come close to the current award winning Canton Inn dish.

(worth stopping for)

We made our own tonight…

100_0621 100_0618

Triple coating the chicken

100_0628 301925696_003




~~Barefoot Rider? Really?~~


I thought I had seen it all until…

on my way to Nashville…



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he’s barefooted!


(hope his guardian angel is with him)


Until we meet again

Blessings, Kathy 





Friday, August 13, 2010

Showers of Blessings

I watched it rain today.

It made me GRATEFUL .

GRATEFUL for my father’s incredibly fast recovery. He had EXCELLENT care! Centennial Medical Center nurses in 6Tower are superior!

Thanks K.J., Ashley, and LaTonya!

2010-08-10 05.08.42 2010-08-10 05.11.49  


His physician, Dr. Rex Arendall is truly gifted. God has given him an unbelievable ability to ‘make things all better!”


Dr. Rex Arendall (Gifted by God)

Of UTMOST IMPORTANCE is the hand of God. The Lord heard many requests from praying people on behalf of my father. Thank you, Lord.


GRATEFUL for my “Dirty Old Man.” My husband works harder than any man I know. Angels protect him in his high risk job, when he’s high in the sky or swinging a gazillion pound tool. At the end of his day his muscles ache and he’s filthy but he presses on because of our God-given dreams. He’s the love of my life even if he IS a

“Dirty Old Man!”

    Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_1980 0307001644

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_608

0807001908 0810001251


GRATEFUL for the person that invented the “TREK Bike Trainer.” Now I can ride my bike inside with all the comforts of home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love riding outdoors but not so much when it’s over 100 degrees!  Hey, no one can see me sweat if I’m indoors!


IMG_5236 IMG_5238

(Does exercise count if you have a pbj in one hand and a oreo in the other?)

and finally…

GRATEFUL for my mom who taught me how important family is, for my daughter who is my life coach, for my son who inspires my creativity, and for my friends who validate who I am in the Lord’s eyes.

Grateful to you for reading this…

Blessings, K