Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birfday # 77

It is no secret that I have the most wonderfulist Daddy in the world!

August 3rd was his 77th birthday!

 Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_1307 - Copy (3)


IMG_5401  Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_3377  Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_2528

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_35756454_1174319845660_1457973497_1556785_4770921_n

 9922_104995552843982_100000006124916_134995_1586058_n 167740_1693132735666_1458213370_31727056_4166494_n 196567_100201343323403_100000006124916_2240_2367093_n 

  IMG_20110401_180312Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_680  IMG_8758 

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_910

Mighty fisherman, skilled hunter, giving father, devoted husband, groovy grandpa, brave pilot, gifted teacher, true friend, but most of all,

a man who loves God with all his heart ♥

Happy Birfday, Dad!

Love you!


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