Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous Family, Flying Solo, Cashew Chicken, & Barefoot Rider


~~Fabulous Family~~


Nothing helps a person heal faster than love and support from family. Dad’s had lots of family visitors  during the past few days including my daughter Danielle, my brother Gary, my aunts Mimi, Ann and Juanita, uncles Dick and George, and cousins Pam, Jackie, and Kevin.

Here are just a few…

100_0570 100_0571

Pam and Jim                                             Mimi and Ann

100_0575     IMG_5266

Jackie and Danielle                                           Kevin          

 100_0595 IMG_5332

Dad, Mom, Me and Gary                          Gary and Me               

 IMG_5303 100_0586

          Mom’s famous Crappie                        Dad’s First Outing                       

 IMG_5328 IMG_5313

Gary Grill Meister                                          Porch Relaxation

  IMG_5336 IMG_5196  

My daughter, Danielle and my brother,Gary     George and Juanita           

IMG_5242Uncle Dick

I’m so blessed with this fabulous (crazy) family! 



~~First SOLO~~

My son, Josh completed his first SOLO flight today!

45428_426767816695_632531695_5651246_425730_n 45428_426767821695_632531695_5651247_4886409_n

He flew SOLO in his third week of flight school at ATP in Texas! We’re so proud of him!



~~Cashew Chicken craving~~

We made Cashew Chicken today!

Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, Cashew Chicken was a dish we ate at least once a week.  It’s become something that Springfield is now famous for.

David Leong created this recipe in 1963 and soon opened his own restaurant, Leong’s Tea House. (now closed) His recipe included a combination of fried chicken chunks covered with Chinese oyster sauce mix, a handful of cashews and chopped green onions served with white rice. 

While there are many recipes online, none can come close to the current award winning Canton Inn dish.

(worth stopping for)

We made our own tonight…

100_0621 100_0618

Triple coating the chicken

100_0628 301925696_003




~~Barefoot Rider? Really?~~


I thought I had seen it all until…

on my way to Nashville…



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he’s barefooted!


(hope his guardian angel is with him)


Until we meet again

Blessings, Kathy 






Janna and Mike said...

Glad to hear Dad is doing well. Yep, the motorcycle rider better hope his guardian angel is with him, saw a woman riding a bike the other day on the freeway in flipflops and shorts!

Judy and Emma said...

Oh my, that chicken looks delish! Could I get some take out?? :)

Sue and Doug said...

what a lovely family you have!..thanks for sharing..love the barefoot motorcycle guy?..can you say CRAZY!!!

Nikki said...

I think Kevin would laugh and shake his head if he saw that you had access to "real" Chinese food and chose to make it Springfield style instead. XD

I'm glad that your dad is doing better and I love that you're getting to see your family. :)

Dennis and Donna said...

Great looking family!! and the crazy ones are the best!...Dad looks fabulous!..Chicken looks fabulous...And barefoot rider looks...well, ridiculous!! Blessings right back at ya!

Kathy and Robert said...

Janna and Mike, flipflops are for the beach!
Judy, you can get it take out but once you have it, you'll be addicted to it!
Sue and Doug, thanks for the sweet compliment.
Nikki, my choice would have been Ocean Zen but I do love Canton...
Dennis and Donna, thanks for the compliment and blessings!

Happytrails said...

Congratulations on your son's first solo flight.

What a handsome and happy family. There is nothing better than family! :-)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Judy and Emma said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog this evening. What a nice thing to say. It warmed my cockles. :)