Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Accomplishment, Dad Update

Congratulations to Danielle! 
She received an Associate in Arts degree from
St. Petersburg College! 
We are so proud of her!
She’s worked really hard while
working a full-time job
taking care of a full-time KITTY! 
Hooray for Dani!100_0748
We’ll be celebrating as soon as we get to Tampa!
Cheesecake Factory,
Dad’s recovery is going very well. He’s had a couple of tough days but has worked so hard at staying strong and following the doctor’s orders.  He walks several times daily using a walker or cane, sometimes neither.  He sits in a straight chair for meals and occasional email checks. (He loves his laptop…who doesn’t!) 
We’re glad he is able to get up and down without any help.  Mom and I both have really strong biceps now! Mom’s been helping him with his clothes and waiting on him “hand and foot.” We’ve been mowing, weeding, mulching, gathering produce from the garden and taking care of the gazillions of flowers. Our chores also include feeding 20+ hummingbirds, and the mix of finches, cardinals, doves, bluebirds, orioles,and wrens.  Yes, we’re pooped…but extremely grateful that he has come thru this so well considering all he had done. 
We’re looking forward to the day he can begin driving and gardening again. He misses his daily drive to the river and to the park to feed his pet squirrels. He even has a pet woodpecker (“Woody”) that swoops down and swipes the squirrels peanuts. He gets a big kick out of watching him. Besides, we miss him taking us all out to LUNCH!
Thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
Doing what he does best, FISHING!
Blessings Y’all!


Margie M. said...

Congrats to Danielle! Great job.

Good news that your Dad is doing a bit better now. Thanks for the update.

Judy and Emma said...

Hope things continue to go well for your dad. :)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Congrats to Danielle.

Glad your Dad is doing better..

Dennis and Donna said...

Way to go, Danielle!!! and ...way to go, Dad!!! Hang in there!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Kathy,
Two thumbs up for Danielle! thats my daughters middle name.. I love the name Danielle.
How wonderful to read that Dad is doing so well. Its all the love and goodness around him helping him heal...
We have things in common.I grew up with my Dad hunting and fishing... He would come home with a deer and skin and clean him in the garage...Then take him down to the butcher for prep..
My aunt would make the best tamales with the venison....I remember it well. Also the fish frys..
Dad fishes now, but has not been able to hunt he had by-pass surgery and now has a pace maker. We all have gone to the shooting range to practice, but Dad feels the rifle is still a bit heavy to carry on a long hike into the woods.
My Dad is 81 and still wants to hunt, I think my brother and Husband are going to take him out soon. We do not want him to go along... you know what I mean. I think as daughters we start to protect our Dads and watch over them more as they get older...
Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Hard work pays off, and it looks like Danielle will be reaping the rewards! Glad your dad is doing better! He looks a bit like Crocodile Dundee in the picture :)