Friday, August 13, 2010

Showers of Blessings

I watched it rain today.

It made me GRATEFUL .

GRATEFUL for my father’s incredibly fast recovery. He had EXCELLENT care! Centennial Medical Center nurses in 6Tower are superior!

Thanks K.J., Ashley, and LaTonya!

2010-08-10 05.08.42 2010-08-10 05.11.49  


His physician, Dr. Rex Arendall is truly gifted. God has given him an unbelievable ability to ‘make things all better!”


Dr. Rex Arendall (Gifted by God)

Of UTMOST IMPORTANCE is the hand of God. The Lord heard many requests from praying people on behalf of my father. Thank you, Lord.


GRATEFUL for my “Dirty Old Man.” My husband works harder than any man I know. Angels protect him in his high risk job, when he’s high in the sky or swinging a gazillion pound tool. At the end of his day his muscles ache and he’s filthy but he presses on because of our God-given dreams. He’s the love of my life even if he IS a

“Dirty Old Man!”

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Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_608

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GRATEFUL for the person that invented the “TREK Bike Trainer.” Now I can ride my bike inside with all the comforts of home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love riding outdoors but not so much when it’s over 100 degrees!  Hey, no one can see me sweat if I’m indoors!


IMG_5236 IMG_5238

(Does exercise count if you have a pbj in one hand and a oreo in the other?)

and finally…

GRATEFUL for my mom who taught me how important family is, for my daughter who is my life coach, for my son who inspires my creativity, and for my friends who validate who I am in the Lord’s eyes.

Grateful to you for reading this…

Blessings, K



Happytrails said...

I liked the analogy of the showers of rain to the showers of blessings. I am glad your dad is doing so well.
Take care and we all need to remember to count our blessings daily.
Mike & Gerri

Margie M. said...

Blessings to you and all your family. Nice to read that your Dad is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Kathy- i love reading your inspiring words! i am glad your dad is doing great! Take care! Love ya, Rexanna

Dennis and Donna said...

Super Dad looks Super Improved....as you say, by the grace of God...and wonderful care. Sometimes the simple wonders of nature make us reflective on how lucky we are..Blessings...

Judy and Emma said...

To add a picture to your header do the following:
Go to Blogger Dashboard
Click on Design, then
Click on header...edit, then
Click on image from your computer.

Pick out a picture first so you know what you would like for your header.

Give it a try. Let me know if you have problems. :)

Sue and Doug said...

thanks for sharing your blessings with all of us readers..hope your dad is out of the hospital soon!!!

Kathy and Robert said...

Thanks, Judy for the tutorial and thanks to y'all for the sweet comments!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Ah Kathy, I'm so glad I've met you through bloggy land. I loved your post and all of the blessings around you that you shared with us. God can certainly do miraculous things in the our lives, but even more easily when we remain so thankful.
So glad your dad is doing so well. He looks like a sweet dad:)

Thank you for another very sweet comment that you left on my post tonight. It almost made me cry. You are a blessing to me. Thank you!

Freely Living Life said...

We are so happy to read your Dad is doing well!! :) **hugs**