Monday, July 12, 2010

Nitty Gritty

Well, we’re down to the NITTY GRITTY! (and I don’t mean the Dirt Band!)

Bittersweet farewell...Said goodbye to friends at church Sunday morning but encouraged everyone to follow our blog so we can stay in touch. (I think I'm having socialization withdrawal) I'll miss y'all but also excited about the new friends God will place along the way.

Sold the Highlander IMG_4667 Boohoo…I loved that vehicle!


~~~Changed our address/Bought a mail-forwarding service~~~

We have a seriously interested buyer in the house IMG_4710 Yay!

 A dear friend of ours surprised us by spreading gravel on the driveway

~~~the recent downpours had created ruts…I hate ruts… and it was sooooooooooooo bumpy!~~~

Thanks Mark!  You’re the greatest!!


     We DID NOT have an argument (surprise-surprise) 


I think I’ve lost my marbles...IMG_4855 - Copy

                     If anyone finds them, please contact me immediately

Buying the truck tomorrow. ARE WE CRAZY?????????  Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_2093 Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_2094

YES! but we just can’t wait to get on the ROAD!

Blessings Y’all!


FD5, Retired said...

Hi guys,
I couldn't find an email link for you so I will answer your question here. We LOVE our Mobile Suite and toured the factory a few week ago. We purchased our MS used in 2008 and it has been our best decision yet. We did a good bit of research looking for our "home". Personal preference will decide what you will end up with. Our MS is the 36TK3, our next MS will most likely be the 36TKSB3. I suggest you visit the models you are interested in and spend time in each model imaginary "living" in it at the dealer. Sit in the recliners, make a sandwich in the kitchen, take a shower, and so on. Just remember this is going to be your home. Storage will be an issue. Materials used in construction and the construction engineering will determine the longevity of your home. DRV makes 3 models, the Elite, Mobile and Select Suites.
Have a blast on the road, maybe we will see ya down the road.
Stay Safe

Judy and Emma said...

I think I saw a few marbles rolling around the rig the other day. Could they be yours??? :)

Kathy and Robert said...

Thanks FD5, Retired for your response. I think your idea is great regarding exploring each unit with the premise of it being our home. I'm unfamiliar with the 36TKSB3 so I'll check it out online. Here's my address for future reference: beachkat327@yahoo.com
Judy and Emma, Gosh, those might be mine...even if they're not, could I borrow them until I find mine???
Bless Y'all for your comments. I love it that someone is actually reading these!