Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Kentucky Fun

Robert left for Iowa yesterday.

He'll work there thru August while I stay in Kentucky for

Dad's back surgery and recovery.

Before he left we visited a few places in

The Bluegrass State.


Sand Cave, Mammoth Springs National Park

In the early 20th century, Floyd Collins spent ten years exploring the Flint Ridge Cave System (the most important legacy of these explorations was the discovery of Floyd Collins' Crystal Cave and exploration in Salts cave) before dying at Sand Cave, Kentucky, in 1925. While exploring Sand Cave, he dislodged a rock onto his leg while in a tight crawlway and was unable to free himself. Attempts to rescue Collins created a media sensation: the resulting publicity would draw prominent Kentuckians to initiate a movement which would soon result in the formation of Mammoth Cave National Park.


IMG_5078  Cave Entrance

IMG_5068Cave Trail

IMG_5089  Tranquility

Although this was a beautiful trail, it was a bit eerie knowing 

Mr. Collins died here. 

No, I didn’t feel or hear anything spooky but I did look over my shoulder a couple of times…

Wait…did you hear that??


The Shaker Museum at South Union

The Shakers in America lived a communal life based on common ownership of property and goods, celibate purity, and confession of sins. The Shakers did not believe in procreation and therefore had to adopt children or allow converts into their community. Besides leading a simple but comfortably self-sufficient existence from the fruits of their land, the Shakers came to be known for their architecture, crafts, and furniture.


I’m sure you’ve seen this style of furniture.


and sat in a chair like this…(I need a chair pad please) 


Excuse me, but do y’all have any pillowtop mattresses???


Gosh, where’s the part about not playing “Seafood…See food…?”

please tell me y’all played that~

 IMG_5111 IMG_5118 IMG_5154



Jefferson Davis Monument, Fairview, Kentucky

First (and only) President of The Confederate States



Photo taken from the top of the monument overlooking Davis’ birthplace, now marked by the church.

 IMG_5167 IMG_5171 IMG_5178


351 feet tall

Well folks, that’s it for Big Kentucky Fun…

I’m sure I’ve bored you out of your minds and I just can’t think of anything goofy to say today.

I’ll try to capture some crazy pics for tomorrow’s post

but for now I’ll leave you with


“Lil Fattie, eater of peanuts

can be found in Noble Park

waiting for the humans to throw him his daily requirement of salted delicacies.

Blessings Y’all!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!


Happytrails said...

Well, I'm not bored! In fact I appreciate the places you mentioned because Mike and I will be passing through Kentucky for a few days (not sure when) and it gives us ideas of places to visit. I will marked these down for a future visit.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Margie M. said...

Bored? Nope, not one bit. I thought your pics and the narrative that went with it were delightful. We've been to the Caves once and have it on our list of "do-agains". Hope Dad is OK.

Nikki said...

I may or may not still play "Seafood...see food?" with my husband. >.> <.<

Kathy and Robert said...

Thanks for your comments y'all...and Nikki I can bet on whether you do or don't...