Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long, Winding Road

 Here’s our first glimpse of the Great Smoky Mountains. Awwww… Robert and I are on our way to Florida via these breathtaking First Glimpse of the Great Smoky Mountainsmountains. Taking our time, snapping a few pictures and spending some much needed time together along the long,winding roads of Tennessee. The weather was fabulous today, a crisp 74 degrees most of the day. So with windows down and the wind in our hair we set out. Robert likes to drive “off the beaten path” so Bella and I hung on tight as we twisted and turned our way up and down, switching back and forth on this adventure.
We began our journey early this morning, leaving Paducah, KY around 8:30 planning to be in Townsend, TN by mid-afternoon. We grabbed a little lunch at the Fire House Grill on the way to our first stop,Fall Creek Falls just east of Spencer, TN. Since it’s been so dry in this area, there was very little water in the Creek so if you ever plan to visit this area, do so in late Spring when there is plenty of rain runoff. We walked across a rickety suspended footbridge…we were very happy to get across it! See how happy we are! Woohoo!
 IMG_5577IMG_5582 IMG_5583 IMG_5588
We followed the Trail of Tears Auto Tour and drove the Foothills Parkway. What a glorious place this is!  IMG_5613 IMG_5603
       No wonder the Cherokee Indians loved it so.
Since we don’t have our fifth wheel bought yet, we settled into a nice hotel then headed off to hunt down some dinner and have a bit of fun!  Fuddruckers burgers…CAN YA SAY, “YUMALICIOUS?” Next stop-NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville. Oh yes, my honey HAD to race, it’s in his blood! So, only having my little digital camera I couldn’t take HIGH SPEED, HIGH ACTION pictures (and we all know how fast those go carts go)  so here’s a couple of pics just to prove he did it. He raced a family he met in line and had a BLAST!
IMG_5632 IMG_5641
Time to get some rest and prepare for an action packed day tomorrow. Cades Cove for some hiking and bike trails!
Can’t wait!!
THANK YOU and WELCOME to our newest followers!  It’s thrilling to know that something we write is actually of interest to someone other than family who HAVE to read it because they know I’ll ask!
Blessings, Kathy



Gail Durham said...

Where are you staying in Townsend? We workamped there this past winter. Travel safe.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

We went to the NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville a few years back and we know the high speeds you are talking about...whew so fast!

Cades Cove was an excellent road to drive and we also did some hiking, the area is spectacular...enjoy!

Happytrails said...

What a beautiful area of the country. Mike and I love the Smokey Mountains. Unfortunately we haven't been there in a few years....you sure have the urge biting us now. LOL I think a trip might be in our future! Thanks!

You all have fun and enjoy this gorgeous area and the much nicer weather we seem to be having now. :-)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

What a great time racing.Have a great trip and we will be fellowing you guys on it.

Dennis and Donna said...

Oh yeah, NASCAR is so fun! We are still "Little E" hangers on, but any race is fun to watch! Sometime you should follow the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Natchez, 440 miles...but don't be in a hurry...it takes some time...Travel safe!!!

Sue and Doug said...

thanks for the tour of Tennesseethe smokey mountains are beautiful!!..safe travels to you as you head to Florida!!

tinker said...

Ahh Cades Cove. One of my fondest memories when Glen and I went there couple years after we were first married. We were driving thru..lots of cars and noticed bunches of people with cameras and video cameras out in the field. Of course, we thought that they had seen a bear. We looked and looked and saw nothing. Finally we asked a person what they were out there looking at. WHITE TAIL DEER. Glen says "You've got to be kidding. We have those in our backyard." Lol. We love the foothills parkway so peaceful and quiet. We took the kids back later got pictures at "Big Witch Overlook" for me and something about "Bald" overlook for Glen. Have fun.

BECKY said...

WOOHOO! Roadtrip!! YEAH!!! We visit the Smokies every other year and LOVE it!! Some of those roads are winding and a bit scary, huh? Your pics are great!
And you're headed to my state? So cool! Have fun and be safe, gal!

Just want to thank you for your enthusiasm and bloggy friendship. I normally blog much more and visit more than I have been, but had to get this shop open. In a few days I will be back to normal!!

Hugs to you!!

Kathy and Robert said...

Gail, we're actually in a hotel this trip since we don't have our fifth wheel yet but we're counting it as fulltiming since we ARE in the pickup we'll travel in. We've seen some wonderful RV parks though.
Dennis and Donna, we added Natchez to Nashville into our itenerary thanks to your comment. Thanks!
Tinker, that happened to us to although it was not only deer but turkey as well! We have both in our front yard! We DID see one black bear so check tomorrow's blog for pics.
Becky, your friendship is appreciated as well. I need to check out your store!

Rexanna Smith said...

Kathy- you know i love your post! You guys are so up-lifting to me. I am so glad you are getting to see this beautiful country of ours andsharing it with all of us! Blessings to both you and Robert!

Kathy and Robert said...

Oh Shucks, Rexanna~ You're just too sweet for words. Miss you.